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Divorce and Dissolution

Divorce Attorney Serving Greater Cleveland

Coming to terms with the circumstances of divorce can take time and can be emotionally difficult. When you want to know what is involved in obtaining a divorce or dissolution, and what your options are, we can provide this information. We understand that you want to have the best information as you move forward. We will listen to you, maintain your confidences, and help you make the right decision.

When you have reached the point where a divorce is the right thing for you, you want to know how to take the next steps. From protecting your own rights to concerns for your children, you want the best outcome for your family. We take these concerns seriously. At the Cleveland law offices of Slive & Slive, our lawyers will work with you, keep you well informed, and make sure you understand your situation from a legal point of view. In thirty years, Slive & Slive has handled thousands of divorces. We will put our expertise to work for you.

Our firm provides free consultations to clients seeking help with a divorce. Please contact our Cleveland law office online or by calling 216-566-1111.

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As your attorneys, our first step is to understand your particular situation, including your marital history, children, assets and any areas of contention. We will explain the steps required to take you to your goal, and what choices you have along the way. We will help you obtain the best settlement possible.

We will tailor our legal services to the specific choices and challenges you face. When the parties agree, they can file for a dissolution or uncontested divorce. When the parties do not agree, one party files for divorce, and the Domestic Relations Court becomes involved in determining an appropriate resolution. Ohio is considered a "no-fault" state because Ohio does not include fault as a consideration for judges to weigh when resolving disputed issues.

A divorce can be simple or it can be complex, depending on the parties, the issues, the assets, and whether there are children. Our expertise will ensure that all facets of your divorce are handled correctly including:

We offer a tailored approach to divorce based upon the needs and wishes of our clients. Depending on the demands of each case, we can be conciliatory or aggressive. We are equally familiar and experienced with both styles. While some clients believe that a fast settlement is in their best interest, others may choose to pursue a particular matter. A case can be complicated by the desires of the other party and the approach of opposing counsel. Sometimes it is necessary to secure temporary restraining orders to protect clients from harm or to preserve assets. Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible as this part of your life moves towards resolution.

The Dissolution Process

Dissolution is a process by which both parties confer and agree that they will work together to reach a final agreement. Once you agree to this process, the parties through their attorneys will exchange all pertinent financial information and concerns regarding children. Working within a timetable, the dissolution process offers the opportunity to resolve marital issues with a minimum of court intervention. A dissolution can also be less expensive than a divorce. The dissolution process succeeds in cases where the parties can put aside anger, recognize that there will be compromises on both sides, and prioritize the benefit of settlement, or where there is nothing to fight about or all issues have been previously resolved.

Divorce and the Court Process

A dissolution is an effective legal resolution for some people. Most of the time however, cases are resolved in divorce proceedings with settlements facilitated by the Court Magistrate or Judge. Cases that cannot be resolved through negotiations and the Court settlement process are ultimately resolved through a trial, and in some cases an appeal. Slive & Slive Co, LPA has extensive experience with all processes and has excellent working relationships with the Court and its personnel.

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As a team with a Certified Family Law Specialist,* we are experienced with all phases of the divorce process. Your understanding of your case within the legal system is a priority, and your satisfaction is our goal. Your phone calls will be returned promptly and your needs addressed timely. In addition to our weekly hours, our Cleveland offices offer Saturday morning appointments and we accept all major credit cards. Please contact us online or call 216-566-1111 today for a free initial consultation.

*Certified by The Ohio State Bar Association and approved by The Ohio Supreme Court.

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